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Slow Food Story (trailer)

In 1986, Carlo Petrini founded the ArciGola Gastronomic Association in Italy and three years later in Paris, launched Slow Food, an international anti-fast-food resistance movement. An ebullient presence, Carlìn, as he is affectionately known around the globe, has become an ambassador for thinking about food differently. From the tiny town of Bra, home to some 27,000 inhabitants, the Slow Food movement has grown to become a revolution, that now has roots in more than 150 countries. Cheese-makers, vintners, and artisanal food folk, toast Slow Food for bringing about a change in consciousness that shook the very foundation of gastronomy.

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Slow Food Story
Year: 2013
Runtime: 1h 14min
Genres: Documentary
Director: Stefano Sardo
Writer: Stefano Sardo (concept)
Stars: Carlo Petrini, Azio Citi
More information: IMDb